Most Popular Websites – Top 10 Online

Here is a list of the top 10 most popular websites online according to average traffic statistics, as of March 2020, from AlexaSimilar Web and SEMrush.

The top two sites, Google and YouTube, are owned by the same Alphabet parent company. Meanwhile Facebook comes in 3rd and also owns the 6th most popular site in Instagram and dominates the top apps. Twitter rounds out the top five.  Wikipedia is next and considered one of the most authoritative sites in Google Search with many backlink references. Yahoo is one of the largest web portals online for news, email and fantasy sports. Amazon dominates e-commerce and cloud technology that powers much of the web. Finally, Reddit is considered the front page of the Internet and boasts one of the largest communities per topic.

Traffic Ranking Measures

Rankings on Alexa are measured as an average number of page views and unique visitors over three-month windows. Similar Web uses data from millions of users, websites and web crawlers. SEMrush has over 500 TB of raw traffic data with 5 million users tracking 18.3 billion keywords and 730 million domains.

Most Popular Websites List

Traffic RankWebsiteDomainIndustry
1Googlegoogle.comInternet Services and Search
2YouTubeyoutube.comVideo Streaming
3Facebookfacebook.comSocial Networks
4Baidubaidu.comInternet Services
5Twittertwitter.comSocial Networks
6Instagraminstagram.comSocial Networks
8Yahooyahoo.comPortal and Media
9Amazonamazon.comE-commerce and Cloud Computing
10Redditreddit.comSocial Bookmarking

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