Most Popular Apps

When it comes to the most popular apps on the Android and iOS marketplaces, Facebook owns the mobile charts.

The top four apps are all owned by Facebook including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.  Google may have a similar dominance with the top websites, but only its YouTube app cracks the top 10 in downloads as of March 2020.

Download Statistics

Rankings on the Android and iOS stores are by downloads in the month of March 2020.

Most Popular Apps

Downloads RankAppDomainIndustry
1WhatsAppwhatsapp.comChat Messenger
2Facebookfacebook.comSocial Media
3Facebook Messengermessenger.comChat Messenger
4Instagraminstagram.comPhoto Sharing and Stories
5Snapchatsnapchat.comPhoto Sharing and Stories
6UC Browserucweb.comInternet Browser
8YouTubeyoutube.comVideo Streaming
9SHAREitshareit.oneFile Sharing